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Ready to launch your website? Here are important final steps to take

While trying to build a new website for your business, fun, or forum, the truth is that you will surely have an exciting and revealing time showcasing your passion for putting together some lines of HTML codes. If you have put together some lines of code and are ready to float it on the network, then this article is specially designed for you. 

There are some imperative features that your website must have before you launch it. As such, before clicking the publish button, you must go through a list of actions you must take. This article wi highlight a list of actions you must take before publishing your website in cyberspace. More so, we will throw more light on the pertinent features that will make you, your business, and your company stands out. 

Look for Domains and trademarks that look alike

You might miss out on many visitors if your website does not have a simple domain name. As such, you choose a name that has a look-alike so that they can still fall into your traffic if they misspell your website address. Go ahead and create website names that are closely similar to your website name and purchase them. Be wary of infringing copyright or trademarks while making purchases. On the other hand, you can consider the name of a product as a domain name. Try and carry out some homework so you won’t face hitches while launching your website. 

Ensure that all unused social media platforms are secured

You have to be sure that all social media platforms linked to your website are available and secure before you launch your website. You have to be wary of this, especially if your website is an e-commerce website. Your social media should put your company in a good light because it is part of your company’s assets and would attract so much interest to your website. It must display a good reputation; hence, MyBrand7728 does not showcase a good reputation compared to MyBrand. 

Check the speediness of your website

Your bounce rate will increase if your website is speedy and this will keep visitors glued to your site. People may not have the patience to stay for over five seconds for your website to load. The loading rate of your web pages is very imperative for search engine optimization and page ranking. Image size, trouble spots, and other hitches can affect the speediness of your website. 

Collate many feedbacks from visitors

 Beauty is subjective; hence, your website layout may look attractive to you but disgusting to others. To have a perfect design and layout, you have to show your website to many people for their feedback before launching. Allow them to test your website for some time and wait to hear from them. It may not sound well to you if they tell you that your website is great, but it will certainly boost the usability of your website and its futuristic approaches. The most truthful feedbacks come from People you don’t know, so you have to ask your friends and relatives, as well as strangers to run your website while you wait for their feedback. 

Crosscheck all the links and navigations

Your website should be easy to navigate and journey through, or else you will lose many visitors. You have to ensure that your website navigation and all links are well mapped and should offer a great user experience. The important pages such as “About us” and “contact us” pages should be well written and easily accessible by visitors. Your contact details should be well-spelled out on the website so that users can get in contact with you when issues arise. 

Make sure your website has the strength, dependability, and speed of HostRooster for whatever goal it is attempting to accomplish.

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