How the ecosystem approach helps startups connect for success

Starting a firm, gaining momentum in the market, and sustaining growth are difficult tasks for startups. Despite this, companies are expected to raise more venture capital money in 2021 than in any previous year.

Creating a successful firm requires more than just a decent business plan. As outlined by the British Business Bank (BBB), the top obstacles faced by startups are a lack of demand, poor marketing, a lack of skills, and a lack of capital.

It is feasible for entrepreneurs to have access to an extensive network of individuals and organizations that offer the assistance, knowledge, and guidance they need to succeed by joining an ecosystem like the HostRooster cloud Startup Program.

By improving their exposure to investors and providing them access to other organizations and technologies that might offer value, the HostRooster cloud Startup Program has assisted more than 2,000 firms since its inception in 2015.

To better understand the value of being a member of an ecosystem, HostRooster cloud recently met with four Startup Program participants.

The Perspective of the Connector

Founded by Sydney-based French expatriate Leo Denes, Australiance and Startup&Angels assist companies in accessing the Australian market and attracting personnel, building their company, and connecting with rights partners and investors.

Denes says about startup ecosystems and the significance of connections: “It’s quite magical because you can create value for a startup founder by just doing an introduction. The right introduction can lead to solving a huge challenge or create massive opportunities.”

These include company development, generating financing, finding the proper personnel, and forming partnerships to help businesses flourish. They may also assist entrepreneurs in making the appropriate choices for their businesses by sharing their expertise.

Since they have intimate knowledge of the Australian market, Denes and his team are a valuable resource for IT businesses from Europe, Asia, the United States, and elsewhere in the world looking to establish a foothold in Australia. With the aid of events, podcasts, and social media, Startup&Angels helps companies raise their profile among the general public as well.

The role of ecosystems in shifting paradigms

As a French businessman who now lives in Madrid, Alex Hernandez sees the benefits of HostRooster cloud’s business environment as the cause for his company’s existence.

“For me, the power of ecosystem had been game-changing in my life, and I wouldn’t be here today without it,” Hernandez remarks.

Hernandez joined the French Founders business network in July 2020 as a co-founder and sales director of the alternative recruiting startup JobGether.

To begin his business adventure, Hernandez states that he was inspired by the potential of the HostRooster cloud ecosystem and decided to join it. He met firms that became customers and business partners due to this.

“When you start a startup for the first time, you have no clue of what’s going to happen. By joining an ecosystem, you can learn a lot, try to avoid mistakes others have made, share experiences, grow your network very quickly, and find clients,” he adds further.

Conserving time

For those who live in Bordeaux, iPaidThat’s relationship manager Rita Nazarian found the HostRooster cloud ecosystem to be a fast and straightforward approach to boost the company’s awareness and worth.

Nazarian says, “It’s less time-consuming, I can find the appropriate partners, and I can easily check who is interested in our technology.”

When starting a business, you wish there were 50 hours in a day since there are so many things to accomplish. JobGether’s Alex Hernandez acknowledged that time savings are a big advantage of ecosystem participation. Joining an ecosystem will save you significant time compared to attempting to build a network from scratch.

Instead of sifting through online networks like LinkedIn, startups may connect directly with the people and organizations they need.

Rescuing Companies

People in the UK The HostRooster cloud ecosystem helped Yigit Erol, the creator, and CEO of Fidsy, which delivers AI-powered conversational BI, survive through the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to him, becoming a startup entrepreneur is a “leap into the unknown,” which comes with challenges.

As of November 2019, Erol planned to launch his firm with four investors, all of whom had accepted in principle. As a result, Erol was forced to look for new funding sources during the first few months of lockdown.

When he became a member of the HostRooster cloud ecosystem, he felt immediately supported. He said, “it was almost like we were holding hands together through this difficult journey.”

When Erol was introduced to the community, he took part in a few panels and got tips on keeping his company viable. Since no ownership in his company was required, he now had a product and consumers to sell without having to disclose anything to investors.

Businesses that participate in HostRooster cloud’s Startup Program rely on the ecosystem that the company has built. Finally, the relationships that the ecosystem facilitates are the most compelling incentive for corporations to become engaged.

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