Google’s Page Experience Update for Small Businesses

The page experience update was recently introduced by Google around June. This new update was designed to help online businesses. The page experience update is useful and helps businesses improve their search rankings.

When visitors have an itch-free experience when they visit your website, Google rewards your site by including its Core Web Vitals to your page’s search signals.

Google’s Core Web Vitals fall under three elements. These elements include:

  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • First Input Delay
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

We would be considering each of these elements and how they affect online business websites on search engines.

The LCP, the first element of the Google Web Vitals, has a primary function: to calculate your website’s loading time. If your site’s loading time is fast, it makes it easy for visitors to get information faster. However, when things are slow, it can be frustrating. Google’s LCP score is usually calculated based on your site’s loading time. If it takes about 2.5 seconds or less for visitors to access your site, then you have a good LCP score. However, if it takes longer than 2.5 seconds to get into your site, your LCP score will be very low.

What causes your website to experience loading problems could be large files, slow servers, or long loading times for some resources. However is this is the case, you should seriously consider using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to improve your site. This tool will help calculate your site’s loading speed and offer recommendations to help make your sites and pages load faster. You can also use the Core Web Vitals report generated by Google’s Search Console to get your website’s LCP score. This report collects its data from your site’s user metrics and will reveal the performance status of your URLs. The report shows whether your site is good, poor, or needs improving.

The second element of Google’s Core Web Vitals is the First Input Delay (FID), and its function is to gap between the user’s action and the responsiveness of the browser. If users can access your website quickly, it will improve your site’s FID score and show that your site is useable. The FID score is usually calculated in milliseconds (ms). If your site has a score of 300ms or more, it means the FID is poor. However, if you are getting an FID score of 100ms, it means your site provides a good user experience. You can calculate your site’s FID score using the Chrome User Experience Report Tool. You can access your score using the values provided by this tool. PageSpeed Insights also offers users access to their FID reports over 28 days.

The issues that affect your FID score are slow third-party scripts, heavy JavaScript Frameworks, of server-side rendered content. When you address these underlying issues, it will automatically reflect in your FID score on the Chrome report.

The CLS can analyze your content layout shifts by measuring visual stability. Your CLS score will be high when there is an unprecedented shift in content. The high score means that visitors are experiencing poor response when they click on the content. It could mean that when they click on content, the page reports that the information has been moved. If you have a CLS score of 0.1 or below, your CLS score is good but any score higher or more than 0.25 is poor. You can calculate your site’s CLS score using PageSpeed Insights and also with Chrome Development in its performance panel feature. In this section, you will be able to tell when there is a layout shift or content shift in your site’s display.

Your CLS score can be affected when certain changes appear on your site. It could happen when inserting dynamic content, including image dimensions and inserting static space for your site ads. You can improve your CLS score by addressing these issues on your website. The changes also reflect on the Chrome Developer tool, where your CLS score is updated.

Benefit’s of Google’s Core Web Vitals Business Websites

These are the following benefits of the Google Web Vitals for online businesses.

  1. Helps improve your customer’s user experience.
  2. Improves your website’s rank on Google’s search engine.
  3. Helps small businesses focus on metrics while improving their page experience.
  4. Allows search engines to gain confidence in your site’s content.

Tips to Help Pass Google’s Core Web Vitals

Follow these tips to help improve your website’s LCP, FID, and CLS scores:

It takes some time to improve your website’s experience. As a business owner, you want to focus on other things like making sales. You can have a web developer handle the optimization of your website to meet the requirements of Google’s Core Web Vitals.

There are plugins available on most websites builders like WordPress designed to help fix the problems on your site. Install these tools to help improve your user experience.

Your score improves as you continue to make your site responsive, resolve loading issues and address any other issues affecting user experience. This way, you improve your site and also benefit from Google Core Web Vitals reward.

You can also improve your LCP scores using CDNs. The CDNs helps improve your sites loading time for larger resources. The CDNs can cache your content and deliver it to a website visitor taking off the load on your website’s main page.


It is important to understand how each of the three elements of Google’s Core Web Vitals operates if you want to improve your site’s rankings. Suppose you don’t have the time to resolve or monitor these issues. In that case, you should hire a website developer to help improve your website, and in addition, improve visitors experience on your site. You will also benefit from useful plugins and field tools like PageSpeed Insights.

When you carefully follow these recommendations, it helps improve your site’s rankings on search engines.

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