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Why one-size-fits-all cloud adoption for startups is impossible

How can startups leverage technology to meet business and growth goals? The cloud offers cost-efficiency, corporate agility, and unlimited scalability. There’s no obvious path for startup cloud migration and uptake.

Startups have distinct needs based on their sector, geography, consumer base, and technological expertise. Some businesses may need to make their products work on-premises and in the cloud, if they have customers in sensitive industries like aerospace and banking. Other startups may put their lab-built solutions on the cloud.

A financial services firm may need an on-premises data center or hybrid cloud to hold sensitive customer data and fulfill data sovereignty and retention rules. A media firm may need to let clients download large files quickly from any place, which is better for public cloud.

Bernard Marr, a futurist and technology author, argues there is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution.

Some organizations have trouble deciding between a public, private, or hybrid cloud, says Marr. Flexibility, performance, security, and compliance are different for each route. As cloud ecosystems grow, many have found no one-size-fits-all answer.

Elias Khnaser, VP Analyst at Gartner, believes organizations need the cloud but should personalize their migration to their needs.

Some companies want to shift all applications out of their data centers. He says others may move a subset of apps to the public cloud. Prioritize investments to advance the organization’s utilization of cloud services.

Startups or small enterprises with custom or old apps may lack the technical competence to handle cloud configuration.

Forbes Technology Council member Chris Barbin says the increasing complexity of the cloud will make it more complicated and more expensive to acquire “excellent tech talent.” 

Barbin believes in a Forbes piece that accesses to tech personnel would let companies customize cloud projects, not technology or cloud solutions. “Finding outstanding tech talent has never been easy, but it’s getting harder as cloud platforms, data, and security get more complex,” says Barbin. “They must use cloud solutions from an increasing number of providers, customize them for their industry, and integrate them into seamless systems that can expand quickly.”

Business cloud strategy

The public cloud is excellent for startups because of its agility and adaptability, but HostRooster cloud has found that enterprises save money by customizing their environment.

Take MDDV, a unique team of IT experts that serves more than 500 enterprises and institutions globally. MDDV’s CTO estimates that 40% of migrations involve customers shifting from pure cloud services to hybrid solutions incorporating dedicated servers and the public cloud. 

Ufnalewski claims one of his clients reduced monthly infrastructure costs from $20,000 to $8,000. HostRooster cloud Servers are a more efficient and secure cloud solution. To select the proper hardware, work closely with the customer’s team.

Many organizations are re-evaluating their cloud plans to ensure they install the optimal technological solution for their business objectives. It’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution.

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