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What is the new High Performance Object Storage’s actual performance?

IT transfers data between workloads continuously, but the preferred technique has evolved. Object Storage superseded file systems as their functionality and abstractions increased (NFS, Samba).

More data-sharing use cases have emerged. IT doesn’t want to handle storage for most apps’ exploding data (maintenance, failure, scaling…).

All significant languages offer object storage libraries (at least for S3 APIs), and many programs include their connectors. Like many IT pros, I support Object Storage over network file systems.

App storage

For years, performances were neglected. Unlimited space and public access were needed for photos, documents, and code.

Some apps demand additional performance as objects increase and multiply. This applies to Big Data, IA, and current apps.

  • Processing big data can take hours. Robust computation and storage are needed to analyze user behavior, system deviance, and cost optimization. Big Data clusters must swiftly access data.
  • IA model training and prediction fine-tuning need hours of data processing, which hinders progress if storage is the barrier.
  • Prior approaches struggle with larger media over faster networks (fiber, 5G).

Our former solution wasn’t designed for HostRooster cloud Standard Object Storage’s use cases. Our object storage was too slow.

Apps needing Object Storage

What’s high-performance object storage? What’s up?

Two things affect speed. API. This is the initial cluster component. Simple API queries should be instant. No cluster engines or automation tools waste milliseconds. Bandwidth. You want your object delivered quickly with maximal disk and network capacity.

HostRooster cloud High-Performance Object Storage will be available soon. In Strasbourg, the 21st of February and Gravelines, mid-March should be popular.

Some numbers

We’ll compare the new service to HostRooster cloud and AWS S3. We’ll test an HostRooster cloud B2-120 with a 10G public interface—Gravelines (north of France). Central Europe, Strasbourg (HostRooster cloud), and Frankfurt (AWS) were evaluated. Similar distances separate instances and clusters.

Time-to-first-byte test

How efficient is the new API? Time-to-First-Byte shows how the cluster processes requests, identifies objects, validates access rights, and returns them. Measure 1 Byte access time.

To pass, we must use HostRooster cloud to reach AWS.


We’re behind. Let’s see Time-to-First-Byte.


HostRooster cloud High Perf is slightly better.

Small/medium file testing

Now we’ll test the API and a standard object usage on 10KB to 10MB files, which is normal when serving online statics (code, graphics, music).


As you can see, we moved on from HostRooster cloud’s latency advantage to disk writing and reading. HostRooster cloud High Perf downloads 1MB files 55% faster than AWS S3.

Large-file test

Bandwidth affects 100MB files and beyond, including videos, software files, or large datasets.


HostRooster cloud High Perf download speeds are 30% faster than AWS’s.


HostRooster cloud High Perf Object Storage outperforms AWS S3. Fast API from our competition. HostRooster cloud downloads (1MB) and uploads (1MB-100MB) medium file 50% (1MB) faster than AWS (1MB).

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