What are the key differences between DaaS and VPN?

London, England, July 4th, 2021—Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and VPN offer similar services. They allow users to access corporate resources remotely, although they have numerous core differences. Accessing corporate resources in streamlining business procedures. The difference between DaaS and VPN is based on performance, security, user-friendliness, and manageability.

DaaS offers end-users access to a virtual desktop hosted in the cloud. The IT administrator’s primary role is to manage the virtual desktops, and the provider collects the hosting infrastructure and management. The virtual desktop screen is usually streamed through a network to the local device of the end-user. Therefore, the end-user only sees the remote desktop’s display signal.

With DaaS, there is an application installed to manage the remote desktop. Also, the network where the DaaS desktop is located can access the SQL database. The faster access to the SQL database is enabled because it is located on the same network as the virtual desktop. Once the user logs into the software, they can access the virtual desktop screen.

DaaS is a centralized service, allowing firms to manage all deployment aspects from a single administrative interface. IT admins can make updates from a single point, distributed across desktops. Prominent providers of DaaS are HostRooster, Citrix Managed Desktops, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, VMWare Horizon Cloud, and Amazon Workspaces.

On the other hand, VPN creates an agent or tunnel between two networks, enabling them to communicate. Through VPN, users can access corporate resources like applications and data. The business VPN usually works through a client on the user’s personal devices. Therefore, the client can connect to a private network using a public network. Through this connection, end users can download data and exchange information. The virtual network is usually created through secure sockets layers and is generally encrypted end-to-end to enhance security.

Unlike DaaS, VPN is a decentralized service that allows users to connect to the network from any device. The corporate application and resources must be installed locally when using a VPN. IT administrators are expected to update the applicated from each device. VPN use must have an endpoint management tool to work smoothly. This allows administrators to distribute updates and applications across all devices through the internet. Updates from the VPN agent can also be distributed through the endpoint management tool.

With VPN, it is easier to download and upload data and files. Therefore, essential files are stored in the user’s local drives. Another advantage is that the user can directly access the organization’s network. The hacker can easily access the corporate network when the connection is hacked. Thus, VPN requires network segmentation to safeguard the organization’s resources.

While DaaS and VPN offer similar benefits, core differences seriously affect operations. It is easier to install and manage VPNs on both the administrative and end-user sides. Administrators can add users faster because they download the VPN client, sign in, and can access the network. Contrarily, DaaS requires administrators to give each user a new desktop, profile, home drive folder, and other factors. This consumes more time during setup compared to VPN.

The virtual desktop is usually located in the corporate network. Thus, data does not leave the network under any circumstances. This gives more security compared to VPN. The decision is based on the goals. If the goal is accessibility, VPN is the best while DaaS is suitable for businesses focused on security.

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