Welcome to the newest DBaaS family members: Kafka, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenSearch, and RedisTM*!

We’ve seen how Public Cloud Databases for MongoDB enhance database performance, scalability, and resilience. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka, OpenSearch, and RedisTM* are free. Why differentiate? Uses Business uses Currently:

Vanilla DBMS options

In the following months, we’ll provide several database engines. HostRooster cloud’s Public Cloud Databases are managed and compatible with bare metal.

Delegating database cluster setup and daily tasks boost performance by 15% to 20%. If you haven’t already, cloud-host your database.

DBaaS vs. current market offerings:

  • All engines except MongoDB are open-source so that you can adapt your design. Open-source DBaaS leader Aiven supplies this range.
  • Our cloud environment provides official, complete, updated DBMS versions, not forks. Features, upgrades, and community innovation are included.
  • Our accessible Cloud-Act infrastructure in Europe, Canada, and other areas hosts them to ensure data privacy and infrastructure compliance.
  • After the free beta, their price is transparent, predictable, and cheaper. Their price list includes outgoing traffic fees—price per node.

You voted. We delivered

We delivered your favorite managed databases on the public cloud-first. Three-week beta tester podium:

  1. First-generation beta testers use PostgreSQL. It’s the most powerful, flexible, and secure commercial database.
  2. Another third of our customers use MySQL, an eCommerce and app transactional engine.
  3. Redis has 15% adoption. It caches and customizes websites, chat apps, and gaming leaderboards.
  4. Apache Kafka is the best data-streaming platform. IoT data intake, real-time analytics, and event-driven apps benefit from horizontal scalability.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenSearch, Redis

Let’s look at the key differences. Imagine you’re a website.

It’s almost Christmas. Accounts, presents, and credit cards are being used. Websites must accurately store data. Databases are coming to the rescue.


Column-and-row relational databases are widely utilized. A schema connects tables.

SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB servers are popular servers.

Tables and relations protect data against errors and power outages.

The website demands 50 euros for a new present. Your database takes 2 seconds to process a payment.

Website estimates? Want to ensure payment? Nope! Every database transaction is trustworthy.

ACID guarantees make relational databases excellent for this use case.

MySQL and MariaDB power WordPress.

PostgreSQL provides full ACID compliance, robust security and HA, and many extensions (geographical data, metrics,…).

Only PostgreSQL is company-free. The PostgreSQL community owns it.

Now, e-commerce.

Our website now stores products, orders, and bills… amazing!

Now, more buyers want the same price and description. They put products in the basket but don’t buy them.

Slow local storage (images) pushing unnecessary database data is annoying—many relational database queries (“SELECT discounted articles…”) always produce the same results.

It’s hard to keep temporary data. Imagine fast data storage and retrieval.

RedisTM! expert cache

Redis is the best DBMS.

Redis uses RAM, not SSDs. Key-value stores aren’t relational databases. HTML code, photographs, user sessions, and game leaderboards can be stored.

Data “may” be lost. Therefore store/retrieve it soon.

Twitter, Snapshat, Instagram, AirBnB, and Pinterest use Redis to cache databases and game leaderboards.

Avoid Kafkaesque situations

Apache Kafka is a popular streaming tool. Imagine a highly-available and efficient platform that allows you “sniff” data in real-time with near-zero latency and push it elsewhere. Unlike Redis, Kafka is everywhere.

Kafka links to sources, not stores data. Reuse data.

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