Want to make money from Cloud Computing?

There are numerous examples of people who successfully work from home and earn money online.

Nowadays, thanks to The Social Network, a 2010 American biographical drama film about the founding of the social networking website Facebook, every student leaving college or university believes he or she has what it takes to succeed like Mark Zuckerberg, and thanks to new technologies like cloud computing, some truly have a chance.” – Dean Jones, CEO of HostRooster.

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Cloud computing is one of the most revolutionary innovations

Cloud computing as we know it today can be attributed to a chain of innovations; each of which was considered revolutionary in their time. Technologies like the internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones, e-commerce, and Bitcoin spring to mind when discussing the top technologies that have transformed our way of life over the last 50 years and how we conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

And even if all of these things still have a big impact on the globe, we at HostRooster believe that cloud computing has been one of the most revolutionary innovations in the last ten years.

Cloud-based solutions

Dean Jones of HostRooster like many others of his day began concentrating on creating cloud-based solutions in 2015. But the difference between Jones and others before him is that he approached his job with the knowledge that everything revolves around balance in life.

With the mindset that the best feature of something is also its worst. The good news in this situation regarding cloud-based solutions is that customers get to enjoy all the wonderful advantages the cloud has to offer. The bad news is that you can end up dependent on that system and its ecology. We should be aware, though, that as we rely on it more, the fractures will start to show. The systems frequently consist of a patchwork of interconnected services offered by different businesses and industry alliances. One failure can cause failures in others.

He tailored his model as a result, and over the course of the following five years, he created his own method for profiting from cloud computing. Just like many others who sell the cloud as a stand-alone service and or bundle it into managed service plans at an added cost. Regardless, you’re able to increase your recurring revenue significantly. In fact, we know clients who have increased their recurring revenue by tens of thousands of dollars

Want to make money from Cloud Computing?
Want to make money from Cloud Computing?

Changing one’s perspective on the cloud

Having a growth mindset is essential for success. Changing one’s perspective on the cloud is the first step in the formula. No longer is the cloud just software. It developed into a charging scheme. You see the cloud turned the software licensing contract model upside down in the same manner that leasing transformed vehicle purchases…! To put it another way: Lower prices, more customers. You see one of the key benefits of the cloud, is that it enables companies to scale and down computing power according to their needs on the pay of you go basis without having to invest and maintain all the expansive hardware.

The attitudes of students about failure piqued Carol Dweck and her colleagues’ interest more than 30 years ago. They observed that although some children bounced back from even the tiniest setbacks, others were heartbroken. Dr. Dweck created the phrases “fixed mentality” and “growth mindset” to characterize the fundamental assumptions people have about learning and intelligence after analyzing the behavior of thousands of youngsters. Students understand that work makes them stronger when they believe they can get smarter. As a result, individuals invest more time and effort, which raises their level of achievement.

Dr. Dweck’s research into growth mindset changed education forever

That was the first part of the equation, and it is a difficult concept to grasp. It is a wake-up call for many in the industry to go from $100,000 per client to $4.95 per user, but it is a start. However, the cost wasn’t isn’t the only problem. Reach and volume are essential factors in the equation, but how can you reach the greatest number of people without a sizable budget and the might of Google an American multinational technology company and Microsoft an American multinational technology corporation which produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services headquartered at the Microsoft Redmond campus located in Redmond, Washington, United States two giants in the business?

Automation is the fix. Relative automation and automatic sales and automating reach. Automotive reach because you simply can not be friends with all of your clients. I mean did Steve Jobs Pioneer of the personal computer revolution with Steve Wozniak; Co-creator of the Apple II, Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and first Apple Stores have a relationship with every iPhone owner?” absolutely not, but everyone who owns an iPhone adores it right..!

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Making supply meet demand in an uncertain world

Creating a new product is an exciting venture, especially if market and consumer research has revealed a need. Some of your audience will experience an initial “aha!” moment when you introduce a product and sell it well. Because they are unaware that your product holds the solution to their problems, the rest of the crowd won’t be able to perceive it right away. Either that or they are merely uninterested.

As such you’ll need to permit the customer to develop a bond with the product so that they can incorporate it into their daily lives, and that good or service will come to represent their capacity to complete a task. Great! But of course, it’s easier said than done, as relationship development and sales are all about ensuring value and filling a gap. Just to be clear, if you don’t offer a good or service that fills a need, the aforementioned strategy won’t work.

Revenue sharing business model

Being at ease with income sharing and collaborations is a key component of this too. As in development partnerships as it is less expensive to reach a mass market for a 30–50% revenue share than it is to reach the same market for a 100% revenue share.

Looking at this from another angle, 30% of a sale is much greater than nothing…! In the end, applying the 13 rule as a general principle is a good enough starting point. 1/3 to those who support it, 1/3 to those who sell it and 1/3 to those who create and run it. Fair is fair.

Streamline your workflow with the cloud

Listing and analyzing each stage of a process is the first step in coming up with strategies to streamline it. This includes being aware of how various business procedures operate in various departments of your firm. Sales cycles and lead periods for software purchases are sometimes lengthy. Or at least that’s how it used to be. However, the purchase of your good or service should now be the simplest aspect of it.

To help users quickly and simply grasp how your product works and how it may add value to their own process, figure out how to expedite your sales process and give free trials. But be certain that your offering can stand on its own. Your customers are developing relationships with this product. You will have an issue if it requires another product to function or if it fails to live up to expectations. Simply put, make a product that satisfies a demand. Boost value. Accept collaborations and wealth sharing as a principal starting point and you should be well on your way.

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Cloud computing is the future

Cloud computing is strong and vast, and it will keep developing and offering numerous advantages in the future. It’s not a fad or trend, and the whole world is moving more and more from cloud-first to cloud-only.

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