VMware Horizon Performance Challenges

London, England, July 4th, 2022—When VMware Horizon users experience performance issues, IT must evaluate the resource consumption to identify the root cause and solve it. VDI resource use differs significantly from other infrastructure-related workloads like email servers or database servers. VDI administrators must be extra careful when managing resources like RAM and storage on virtual disks.

Different applications that are accessed through VDI, like VMware Horizon, making resource use less predictable. Another challenge arises from the VDI-mix for IOPS, which differs from other workloads. The percentage of writes from Windows virtual desktops is usually higher than server workloads, with a read-write ratio of 20/80 to 30/70.

Efficient operation requires IT to size a storage platform for such workloads. Planning can enhance user experience. Planning for storage in VMware Horizon must cover two main areas, performance, and capacity planning.

Capacity planning is achieved by simply multiplying the desktops available by the available storage required for each desktop. IT will establish the total capacity needed. Horizon administrators must include swap space for each machine, operational overhead factoring, and extra space for growth or expansion. Capacity planning also depends on the desktop type used. Full clones are like the size of the original virtual machine or linked or instant clones that store data for every virtual machine.

Despite the VMware clone type, administrators can follow a simple formula with a foreseen capacity. Besides, the Horizon environment is precise on disk space; increasing its capacity is simple.

Changing the storage platform is not easy, depending on the fit with the business needs. This step must be planned with future and present goals in perspective. IT must understand the current workloads and the homogeneity of the data. Depending on the user’s responsibilities, the IOPS size will vary. Therefore, capacity planning can be achieved by measuring performance as people undertake their day-to-day work.

While total capacity and number of IOPS are vital, IT must also consider budget restrictions and skills when selecting a technology. VMware vSAN is an effective product because the administrator can manage it within vSphere. When subscribing to Advanced or Enterprise VMware Horizon, they automatically have vSAN. This is a cost-benefit approach for the Advanced subscription.

There are also technical approaches to understanding the causes of performance lags in virtual desktops. When VM is installed with Horizon agent, the performance tracker provides insight into the machine’s performance statistics. However, the data does not include disk performance issues.

The performance tracker should also be run from the virtual desktop, limiting effectiveness. It is easier to collect data outside the user’s session. The Helpdesk Tool enables the administrator to access performance information without interacting with workers. Subscription to the Enterprise Horizon license will offer access to all the tools. The vSphere client platform can also provide access to performance data without subscribing to the Advanced or Enterprise options.

When the issue causing performance challenges is identified, an advanced performance chart is available to understand the details. During the investigation of performance issues, it is also vital to compare observed and normal values. The main solution to disk performance issues is optimizing virtual desktops to save resource usage. These issues can include loading time and access to user profiles, which can cause challenges. If the issues persist, expanding the storage hardware components is essential. This enhances the bandwidth and storage adapter enhancements.

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