Uncovering our Managed Bare Metal Essentials range

Companies must speed their cloud transformation due to remote working and online services. The challenges of quick, large-scale digital solution deployments have financial and human repercussions.

We recently completed our Bare Metal Cloud universe, including high-value infrastructure and storage capabilities, to make hosting and integration easy. Managed Bare Metal differentiates itself from fully managed dedicated Bare Metal servers.

We operate Managed Bare Metal for them, giving them 24/7 automation, orchestration, and management while preserving their independence and control. Our initial Managed Bare Metal service is “Managed Bare Metal Essentials, powered by VMware®. 

Bare Metal 2.0

This first building block is built on VMware and displays our creativity and standardization due to our tech partners. Our service is now offered to enterprises experienced with Bare Metal who want a ready-to-use, resilient, scalable infrastructure at the best pricing. These organizations no longer wish to implement and manage their infrastructure, focusing on their added value and business applications.

This system combines Bare Metal with VMware virtualization to simplify virtual machine management and increase availability. Users may install, transfer, size, and backup virtual machines with a few clicks. Managed Bare Metal Essentials saves time and boosts productivity.

Governance and scalability

This collection has three packs:

  • The Essentials ESS64 Pack has two Intel Xeon E5 2689 V4 hosts with 64 GB of memory and two 2 TB SSDs. Dedicated and redundant infrastructure. Hardware and public bandwidth are 3 Gbit/s and infinite. This deal includes VMware Enterprise Plus.
  • The ESS128 Essentials Pack and ESS256 Essentials Pack will be available soon with an Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4 processor and 128 GB of RAM for ESS128 and 256 GB for ESS256. The rest of the pack is ESS64.

Workload determines whether resources are lowered or expanded. Control panel users can add and delete hosts and datastores. ESS128 or ESS256 hosts can be added to an ESS64 Essentials pack. The new datastores are 3 to 36 TB. New resources are given in 30 minutes, and invoicing is monthly or hourly with no surprises.

Our kits include VMware features:

  • Hot-migrate virtual machines with vMotion.
  • vSphere HA for automatic hardware reboots
  • DRS automatically harmonizes resource utilization to avoid overload.
  • Fault Tolerance allows VMware to automatically send a virtual machine to a passive host in the event of a host failure.
  • vROps optimizes performance, management, and capacity planning

Also available:

  • Our “Veeam managed backup” solution automatically backs up and restores your data in case of a problem.
  • Floating IPs provide increased application development and release flexibility.

Our Managed Bare Metal Essentials service is offered in France (RBX, SBG), the UK (ERI), Germany (LIM), Canada (BHS), and the US (HIL, VIN). Users can host their infrastructures according to business needs or local requirements. They also get a fully working, ready-to-deploy environment that can be fully customized.

The Managed Bare Metal Essentials, powered by VMware® solution, shows how we listen to our users and manage their environments. It reflects our dedication to simplifying the deployment and operation of cloud infrastructures with straightforward pricing and interfaces that deliver the best customer experience while preserving their fundamental rights and freedoms, including their data protection rights.

It’s unique and lays the way for new managed infrastructure ranges in 2021. These new ranges will feature a competitive price/performance ratio, reversibility, and compatibility, which our users anticipate. Our capacity to innovate by creating an environment and understanding and predicting the industry will be our greatest strengths in 2021.

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