With the pandemic permanently altering workplace culture and challenging traditional notions about workspaces, organizations have had to modernize their networks and adapt to new ways of doing things. This has given rise to the hybrid workplace – a model that mixes in-office and remote work – primarily made possible through the adoption of virtualization, private and public Cloud, SaaS, and IPv6.

Being the more reasonable response to the unusual conditions imposed by the pandemic, hybrid workplaces deliver the best of both worlds – allowing organizations to provide much-needed flexibility in a time that requires it, all while ensuring that business goals remain uncompromised. That’s why modernized networks are central to the success of hybrid workplaces. They support geo-diverse branches while saving time and money, ensure automation and high performance at scale and are incredibly agile. And, with research by Gartner suggesting that more than half of enterprise IT spending will shift to the Cloud by 2025, broader use of these technologies will be relied upon to improve productivity, data security and business operations.

The hybrid workplace will need easily secured networks and unified management across various locations, and organizations must be prepared to facilitate this.

Below, HostRooster will highlight useful technologies organizations can deploy to power the hybrid workspace.

  • DDI is essential to establishing new and growing networking archetypes, inclusive of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, SaaS, SD-WAN, BYOD, IoT, and containerization, among other things.
  • To automate operations in an effort to achieve efficiency objectives, Cloud-centered systems, platforms and tools are your safest avenues to meet those ends.
  • The benefits of networking services such as DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) cannot be overstated. They provide the means to simplify and amplify management capabilities cross data centers, branches and home offices through the Cloud.
  • IPAM sync for Microsoft deployments, on-site multi-cloud discovery and automation, load balancing and global server traffic management form part of the Value-Added Services (VAS) that enhance the hybrid experience, visibility and control.

HostRooster understands the challenges of connecting the traditional with the modern. It is difficult to balance business outcomes and objectives with the inherent risks associated with attempting such an important transition. These risks create new operational issues to contend with, while also affecting visibility, automation and control. But the payoffs are worth it.

Reliability of networking infrastructure must advance at scale and simultaneously with changing workplace demands. This is especially important as the threats associated with working from home and BYOD continue to evolve. And, while the transitions seem daunting, organizations should take heart in the fact the tools to guarantee their triumphs over increasing threats are already being utilized, and thus provide a comfortable base of familiarity. These tools are DNS, DHCP and IPAM, known collectively as DDI. 

They are and will continue to be essential in securing, unifying and automating enterprise network infrastructures.

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