What You Can Learn From a UX/CRO Audit


The onset of COVID-19 has accelerated the rate of global digital transformation, and HostRooster believes this rapid pace of digitalization will only continue. We have observed its pervasiveness across a number of sectors, particularly as it concerns how businesses operate in this post-pandemic competitive environment.

As remote work remains high on the list of priorities for majority of these companies – a condition necessitated by the pandemic, reliable connectivity, universal communication and collaboration become more important. Fortunately, SASE-based strategies cover these bases perfectly.

With at least 40 percent of organizations expected to adopt SASE-based strategies by 2024, as published by Gartner, HostRooster would like to highlight below some of the benefits, besides innovative features for user and data, and network security perks, that SASE-based approaches provide. These are:

  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG), which allows for monitoring and filtering of web traffic. It also protects users from cyber security risks.
  • Zero-trust Network Access (ZTNA), which replaces VPN access in an SASE infrastructure, provides hassle-free protection for applications through the use granular policies-powered devices and user authentication, enabling total and adjustable control.
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enables organizations to provide more network visibility, thereby enhancing their ability to further enforce policies.
  • Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), a next-gen-driven firewall solution delivered as a cloud-based service, can block various security threats across a network

Though soaring in popularity, SASE bears striking similarities to SD-WAN, an established ingredient in delivering digital solutions built around leveraging device connectivity, applications and user reliability for organizational success. From providing Quality of Services (QoS) in communications to the construction of cloud onramp, SD-WAN capably meets the burdens of connectivity security and reliability while being consistent all throughout the user experience. 

According to Indrajit ‘I.G.’ Ghosh, founder and CEO of ConnX, “The SD-WAN market has grown dramatically for many good reasons.” He shares that through partnerships with Juniper, AudioCodes and others, his company has been able to surpass the traditional scopes of SD-WANs, made possible through supporting very large enterprises, all while leveraging data to facilitate fine-grained automation, control and security assurance within a single solution. He explains, “Today, we are in a completely different realm and are harnessing data collected at the edge all the way to each device registered to the network and the related applications and services. Traditional SD-WANs don’t go nearly that far, and even the SASE approach doesn’t drive better business outcomes when abstracted from what really matters: are employees productive, are customers immediately served, are financial investments in technology delivering the right ROIs? We look at this topic from a business benefit point of view, which has been key to our massive growth during the pandemic when it was urgent to keep our customers operating and even thriving.”

Finding success in capitalizing on the benefits of both SD-WAN and SASE, companies such as ConnX continue to reap the benefits associated with establishing scalable, connectivity solutions, backed by reliable security essentials in real-time. As a result, they will remain competitive. 

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