In a nutshell… HostRooster Managed Backups powered by Veeam

Veeam is a backup and disaster recovery solution on HostRooster Hosted Private Cloud Premier and SecNumCloud. Our managed Bare Metal “Essentials” service includes it.

We’ll install and manage your SW and HW. Choose which VMs to backup, and we’ll do the rest. You still need to test backups regularly, but you know that.

Standard, Advanced, and Premium services are available. Levels define options and features. The chosen service level applies to the whole VMware Datacenter, and all VMs, and these levels represent different options and features.

After 15 days, you can change your service level. Rule lasted till it expired (if you chose a new service with a shorter retention time).


Let’s examine Veeam’s architecture and how it works. HostRooster creates a “backup server” VM on your PCC host when Veeam backup is enabled in the manager. This VM requires 1 Windows Datacenter license. Your next bill will include a Windows Datacenter license if you haven’t subscribed.

This VM is exclusively accessible by HostRooster, and the SQL Db is hosted on HostRooster infrastructure. It uses little CPU and memory. VM backups are also saved outside your PCC, on standalone datastores, freeing up PCC storage.

Standard backups are stored in the same data center. Advanced and premium service levels replicate backups remotely. (RGPD compliant)

Veeam’s “backup server” encrypts all backups and stores the key in a PCI-DSS database. Each customer has their own “backup server” and storage space. Premium users will have 1 “backup server” and 1 “backup proxy” VM in their PCC (each using a Microsoft Windows license).

Standard and Advanced customers can request “backup,proxy” on their hosts using the API: GET /dedicatedCloud/serviceName/datacenter/datacenterId/backup/canOptimizeProxies

Backup proxy If the number of VM to backup exceeds 15 on a specific host or if the backup time exceeds the daily backup window, VM may be required. Automated backups run without human intervention.

  • 3pm: VM inventory and assignment to backup server and proxy.
  • 10pm: incremental backups,
  • 01am: Full backups,
  • 8-9am: Email report to Admin PCC NIC (Premium service level allows for one more email to be configured).

A support ticket is opened for investigation and resolution in case of a backup error. Successful backups are neither valid nor immutable. Regularly test backups.

Veeam Managed Backup SLAs:

















GTI, Goal Time for Intervention: HostRooster’s maximum intervention time.

GTR, Goal Time for Recovery: Maximum time HostRooster will take to recover from an issue reported by the system or the client.

SLA doesn’t cover backup content or runtime.

The service level should not exceed the backup window by utilizing “proxies.”

Day to day 

A plugin lets you select backups for each VM directly in Vsphere. Either it’s backed up based on your service level, or it’s not. Easy. API is also available.

Remember: the entire VM is backed up, so the VM as a whole will be restored.

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