Ideal hosting for a modern website

They say that nothing is perfect in the world. It is difficult to agree with this because in the matter of choosing a solution for web hosting, you can definitely find the best option. You just need to get everything right. To begin with, you should compare the available hosting options that market players offer today.

Varieties of web hosting

As the famous entrepreneur Ludovic Metzel said, “Advertising is the engine of trade.” This phrase is especially relevant in our time. After all, if you do not advertise yourself, they will not know about you. Therefore, any company that enters the market today must create a website, making a statement to the entire Internet space about its appearance. For this simple reason, hundreds of thousands of sites of various topics, directions, and degrees of complexity are created every day. But working on a brand and positioning yourself is only one side of the coin, the site must work correctly, adequately respond to user requests, be accessible, and withstanding any load.

In order for users of our multi-million planet to see the page about the company, you need to use the hosting service. The question is which one? The answer largely depends on the solution of the problem. To make it clearer, consider the most popular types of service:

Virtual (shared-hosting) VPS hosting Colocation- hosting Dedicated Hosting
What tasks is suitable for Business card site, landing page, small startup project, personal page, blog Medium site Major Internet portal, site providing mission-critical services Large-scale Internet project, application launch
What does the client pay for? Limited hard drive space on the remote server Virtual server A place Physical Server
What does the customer get All sites get equal access to hardware Software control Full control, access to hardware and software Software control without direct access to hardware
Peculiarities Low cost ($3-14 per month), universal control panel The cost is within 10-150$/month, each VM has its own OS, guaranteed use of resources, the ability to install and configure software Personal equipment of the client, located on the side of the provider, dedicated Internet access The service provider monitors only the state of the internal component of the server
Minuses Possible low page loading speed, the presence of “neighbors” Hands-on administration experience required Relatively high cost Work experience required, high cost ($100-700/month)

As you can see, the client has plenty to choose from. According to statistics, virtual and VPS hosting are the most popular among individuals, small and medium-sized business clients.

Preference towards dedicated hosting and colocation hosting is made by large companies with rather complex projects.

Virtual or VPS hosting

What to do if you are a small company by the standards of the market and doubt which type of hosting is best for the implementation of the project: virtual or VPS. Dedicated hosting and colocation immediately disappear here. Let’s dive deeper, but first, a little analogy:

Shared hosting is like a shared apartment. It seems that no one bothers you, but the effect of the presence of a neighbor is always there. And if there is a replenishment in the family, and there are not enough square meters, you are unlikely to be able to increase the space used – there are too many people who want to do the same. The only right decision, in this case, is to move into your own apartment.

VPS hosting is that apartment. It is clearly larger and there is no need to share common areas with other people. The effect of the presence of a neighbor, although there is, is not at all the one that is observed in a communal apartment. Each resident in the house has its own territory, fenced from prying eyes.

From the above comparisons, it becomes clear that shared hosting is a rather dubious solution with a lot of limitations. VPS hosting, on the contrary, is a more flexible type of service with the ability to provide a higher level of security and control. The solution is great for high-traffic online projects, online stores, and other websites that do not have enough shared hosting options. If you are still in doubt about the choice, the table below will help you make the right decision.

Comparison of virtual and VPS hosting

Shared hosting VPS hosting
Limitations on possible configuration and control options The client gets a dedicated server at his disposal, where he can install the necessary software and make settings
You cannot change the number of resources used and install additional software Guaranteed resources, higher level of protection (from DDoS, data backup)
You can only change the content of the site You can deploy any number of sites, databases
Suitable for small, very simple tasks, low-security projects Suitable for simple and more complex tasks, help to reduce costs, improve work efficiency
Multiple sites share the same IP Unique IP address with the possibility of obtaining an additional


In this article, we have reviewed the most popular types of web hosting, focusing on the features and characteristics of each solution. Summing up, it can be noted that virtual hosting is perfect for low-budget projects, VPS hosting will cope with more complex tasks, while both dedicated and colocation hosting are suitable for large-scale projects.

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