Create a new vstack server with WordPress 1 Click Application on HostRooster


WordPress is a free and open source website building platform. It is the simplest and most powerful content management system (CMS), which allows users without programming skills to create and manage their websites and blogs. WordPress is a great platform for building all sorts of websites: from blogs to e-commerce, corporate websites and portfolios — WordPress is a universal CMS. It is easy to use and allows you to flexibly customize page content. WordPress is a great solution for large and small websites.

Step 1. Visit in your internet browser

Step 2. Sign up for a new account if you haven’t already registered. You can sign up using an email address (you will receive a confirmation email to approve the sign-up) or via Gmail or Github (you will need to authenticate using your existing Gmail or github username and password.

Step 3. Once signed up, you will be redirected to Go to “vStack Cloud > Server” in the left-hand side menu.

Step 4. Click on “Create Server”

Please note that if you have not added any credit to your account that you will not be able to create a server. In this case please click on “Refill Balance: at the top right-hand side of the screen. If you already have a positive balance go to Step 6.

Step 5. You can top up your account using Paypal or Debit or Credit Card. Please enter your details and click “Pay Now”. Once completed the new balance/credit will show at the top of the screen besides “refill balance”.

Step 6.,

6.1 Select a virtual server template,

6.2 Select a Data center
6.3 Select a Server configuration

6.4 Select Access preferences (please note that

Login and password authentication is insecure, problematic and insufficient. There is not a reliable means of password selection and use that can avoid all possible means of password compromise. But most people choose this option.)

6.5 You can select the application that will be installed on the server during deployment.

6.6 Select how many servers you want to create

6.7 Enter a name for the server
Step 7. Click “Order”
Step 8. The server creation process will start and should be completed within minutes.

Getting started

After creating a server with a pre-installed WordPress CMS, you can immediately start implementing your website. Go to the WordPress setup by typing the IP address of your server in the address bar of your browser, for example:

Next, choose a language:

Enter your website name and user details:

After successful installation, click the Login button.

Enter your WordPress user details:

After successful authorization, the WordPress admin panel will open.

From now on for authorization you should type the IP address of your server in the address bar of your browser:

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