7 Reasons you should upgrade to VPS hosting

Is your web hosting plan efficient enough to cater to your website needs? I hope it is delivering its assigned tasks efficiently.  What if it falters and disappoints when you need it most? This can be very disheartening, but your website will certainly malfunction when your hosting plan is bad. 

If you notice any of the red flags that are listed in the following section, don’t be perturbed! Just know that the time is right for you to upgrade your website hosting plan to VPS hosting. Now, let’s take a look at the 7 red flags that indicate that you should upgrade to VPS hosting. 

1) Your website is vulnerable and its security needs a boost. 

Your website will be more vulnerable to attacks when on a shared host. This is because there is a higher chance of having security breaches when many websites are sharing the same host. Your website may be okay, but other users of the same host can give room for security breaches and this would also affect your website. Many users of shared hosting are not proficient in web security and precautions and this leads to vulnerabilities; hence, your website will never grow once you remain on the bad web host. If you are working with clients’ sensitive data and you want your business to blossom, it is advisable to upgrade to reliable VPS  hosting. VPS is highly customizable and you can you would have better control of the features by choosing the ones you need. On shared hosting, if another website on the same host is vulnerable and targeted by hackers, your website might also get infected by malware. The VPS hosting has an isolation feature that will boost your website’s protection because your website is the only website on the host. 


2) Increasing amount of traffic

You need to consider getting VPS hosting once there is an increase in your website’s traffic. A shared host may not be able to handle the high amount of traffic, high server resources, and speedy webpage that come with increased popularity. Hence, upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting is imperative when your website becomes more popular. 

3) Frequent internal server errors or ’50x’. 

Websites usually falter and begin to misbehave once the limits of their allocated resources are exceeded. If you notice frequent displays of 50x error i.e (500, 503, 504, 507) on your website, then it’s time to upgrade to a VPS hosting. Your website will be badly affected if you delay upgrading to VPS hosting. VPS hosting offers more resources and more protection. 

4) Intermittent Downtime on your website

Shared hosting is not stable and you should consider upgrading to a reliable VPS hosting if you experience intermittent downtime on your website. A downtime of one minute can be very disastrous for your website, especially if you are running an e-commerce business. Regular downtime will affect your revenue; hence, it is imperative to upgrade to VPS hosting. VPS hosting is more stable and would give room for personalized management of the website features. 

5) Your website is for E-commerce

It is not possible to install and use custom software on a shared hosting platform. This is not favorable to e-commerce businesses because e-commerce involves the storage of credit card information and PCI certification is a core requirement. The PCI certification allows eCommerce sites to save and process the information on credit cards. However, the PCI compliance test does not work on shared hosting; hence, there is a need to upgrade to VPS hosting. 

6) Your business needs full control of the server

You can only carry out the customization of your by having direct or full control cum access to the server. You can easily use the editing option in installing new software on your VPS or dedicated web host. Software is springing up every day and is gaining entrance into the market; hence, there is ample need to install new software for your business. VPS hosting is your best option if you know that full access to the server is required for your website/business to function effectively. 

7) Your website’s speed needs to increase

The loading speed of your website is a key feature that will boost your business’s revenue. Your website might slow down if the website design or the hosting type is bad. As per hosting, you have to consider upgrading your web hosting from shared hosting to VPS hosting. With this, the speed of your website, as well as the traffic will increase and your business will grow. Your business will gain a whole lot once you upgrade to VPS hosting because you can customize many options while using the VPS server.

Wrapping up:

The sales and revenue of your business depend on your Website performance and web hosting is key to the health and speed of your website. We have highlighted the 7 signs that indicate that you should migrate from shared hosting to VPS. I know you want your business to grow and your revenue to increase. To achieve this, you must upgrade to VPS hosting. There are several VPS hosting plans out there. You have to choose the right hosting that meets the needs of your website. I hope you now know whether to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting. 

Once you are certain about upgrading your website hosting to VPS hosting, kindly reach out to us via our email, phone lines, and customer care. 

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