The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends

The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing and SEO strategies have been making huge waves in the online realm. Because of this, content is getting better than ever. With innovative techniques, you’re able to create fantastic content that aligns with user habits and preferences. Utilizing marketing strategies also helps content fit the search needs of users.

Content marketing and SEO strategies are no longer marketing experiments but rather proven strategies that have worked for many brands.

If your company wants to stay at the top, it’s essential to know what’s trending in content marketing and SEO. Below, we list the top five current trends that you should know of.

Customer Targeted Content

Prioritizing customers is a must for any brand. The most successful B2B marketers say that prioritizing customers over personal sales or promotional messages is key to building trust. Offering guidance, assistance, information, and entertainment without ulterior motives is what lures audiences back.

This approach isn’t just a trend, either. Implementing it is one of the best strategies you can use to win audiences while also ranking high in search engines. When content meets users’ needs, Google recognizes it. It’s a proven, continuous-work method.

To find what your customer niche needs from your content, you should begin by doing in-depth research. Engaging with your customer community by asking questions to discover who they are is an excellent way to start. Once you know them intimately, you’ll be able to create content that’s targeted and reaches them on a deeper level.

This strategy puts customers first by serving a purpose and fulfilling their needs. It’s what Google is prioritizing now and will continue to do in the future. If you’re not focusing on this yet, you should definitely start!

Eye-Catching Content

The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends
The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends

If your content is visually forward, it will trend and continue to trend in the future. Visual content reigns supreme among the current generation of adults and soon-to-be adults.

Entertainment and communication platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and, most recently, TikTok are going all-in with interactive imagery. This is definitely what’s popular amongst the soon-to-be adults. YouTube and Facebook are the most used amongst the current generating adults, and brands should be utilizing these platforms for marketing.

The possibilities that these platforms offer brands are endless. Marketing teams should be taking advantage of the ability to create custom, branded visuals through them. With both Instagram and Snapchat, brands can create their own AR filters. Giphy also allows you to create gifs from personal video clips.

Always evolving technology will provide brands with even more opportunities to personalize their content in the near future, making this trend a current and continuous one.

Visual Storytelling

The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends
The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends

Consumer habits continue to move towards a preference for video content, leaving many brands unwilling to change their visual storytelling to this method behind. The ability to engage with consumers through high-quality video sets performing brands apart from those who get minimal views on their storytelling content. Video has been a big deal for the past few years, and its popularity continues to grow.

Studies by Socialinsider show that the tap-forward rate is approximately 5.65% higher for images than videos, indicating that users stop to watch videos more frequently than they do images. When brands have a following of 10k-100k, the rate is approximately 5.79% and reaches 6% when followings are over 100k.

It has also been established that video marketing is preferred. Survey results reported in Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing reports indicated that 84% of people who watch marketing videos had been convinced to buy the advertised product or make use of the service. Furthermore, 79% of participants indicated that watching a video has convinced them to download apps and software, while 69% said they prefer gaining information about a service or product from a video instead of an image.

HubSpot also conducted a survey to review consumer preferences and found that 56% (aged 25-34) and 54% (aged 35-44) of the over 3000 survey participants wanted to see more video marketing content from the brands they support.

With these statistics on hand, it’s easy to see why YouTube ranks 2nd to Google as a popular search engine. It’s vital that brands hop on this trend.

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Purposeful Content 

The need for informative content is on the rise. Long gone are the days when consumers enjoy the content for the sole purpose of entertainment. Brands must understand the need for high-quality content. Simply adding to the heap of crap content won’t suffice anymore.

According to a B2B report from the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of marketers foresee that their investment priority will be content creation. Part of this is due to a 10% increase in the use of content creation technologies, with 86% of B2Bs outsourcing these services. Marketers are starting to understand that better, purposeful content wins.

With marketers gaining a better understanding of what target audiences need from specific keywords, more purposeful content creation is starting to fit audiences’ unique needs while keeping the brand’s tone and style consistent. In-depth research and better visuals contribute to this, and although it’s getting harder to rank high now that marketers are implanting these strategies, better content is being put out there for consumers.

The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends
The Top Five Current Content Marketing Trends

Focusing on Your E.A.T.

A brand’s E-A-T refers to its expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google published a blog explicitly pointing out the importance of a brand’s E-A-T and refocused attention on the need for brands to prove their expertise, authority, and trust through their content. This strategy applies to both individual authors writing for websites and the websites or brands being represented.

For your brand to prove its E-A-T, you must earn mentions from another website with established authority. Linking to these sources to support your facts and data is equally important. Providing information that highlights your E-A-T, such as a bio and credentials, is also essential in proving it, and doing regular updates to ensure accuracy and relevance of information is necessary. 

When brands provide exceptional content that is well-crafted and backed by E-A-T principles, they can’t lose. 

In Conclusion

The future of content creation has arrived, and it doesn’t disappoint. With marketers now more than ever prioritizing quality content over sales messages, they’ve shifted the focus from sales tricks to building trust and authenticity with consumers. If you want your brand to stay in the top ranks, it’s vital to stay updated with current trends.

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