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Through Empowerment by HostRooster, social entrepreneurs of the United Kingdom and Europe are inspired to tell their unique stories and rise above the challenges to make a positive change in the communities they reside within. Brought to you by HostRooster. Watch all episodes of Made in the United Kingdom:

United Kingdom entrepreneurs know firsthand that you have to make a choice early on: to either accept what life has to offer or do something to make a change. And when it comes to the true spirit of the cities in the UK, no amount of hardship or others’ prejudice can dim its spark to make a brighter future for all — because there is so much good happening here despite any negative media out there. Instead of relying on big companies to provide job opportunities, entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom are pursuing entrepreneurship that truly powers their local economies. Empower by HostRooster helps small businesses unlock their magic to overcome historic redlining and cross the digital divide — which will help them survive, thrive, and remain relevant in today’s economic shift. In addition to helping them gain access to digital platforms and getting educated on best practices to succeed, HostRooster shows how leveraging these tools in social entrepreneurship can make an impact on both their business and the world around them — all while having the support they need to make it happen, together as Londoners.

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as “Britain” or “the UK,” is an island country off the northwest coast of the European continent. It includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. Along with Great Britain and the northeastern portion of Ireland, the British Isles also include a large number of smaller islands. The Atlantic, North, and English seas, as well as the inland waterways of the Celtic and Irish seas, all encircle the rest of the United Kingdom, leaving Northern Ireland with just the Republic of Ireland as its sole land border. By 2020, the population of the United Kingdom is projected to reach 67 million, and its total area is 242,495 square kilometers (93,628 square miles). The United Kingdom has evolved over several centuries as a result of a series of annexations, unions, and divisions of its constituent nations. The United Kingdom of Great Britain was founded in 1707 after the Kingdoms of England and Scotland signed a treaty of union that brought them together (which included Wales once it was annexed in 1542). The Kingdom of Ireland joined with the British Isles in 1801, creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. When the majority of Ireland proclaimed its independence from the United Kingdom in 1927, the country became known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nearby islands of Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man are Crown Dependencies rather than genuine British territories, and as such, the British government is in charge of their defense and diplomatic representation abroad. The British Empire was the largest empire in history when it was at its greatest in the 1920s, controlling more than a quarter of the world’s land area and a third of its population. In many of Britain’s former colonies, the language, culture, law, and governance all clearly reflect British influence.

SMEs and the Economy:
There were 5.5 million small enterprises (with 0 to 49 employees) at the beginning of 2021, accounting for 99.2% of all businesses. SME enterprises make up 99.9% of all businesses (5.5 million businesses).
SMEs make up three-fifths of the workforce and around half of the total revenue in the UK private sector.
The overall number of people employed by SMEs was 16.3 million (61% of the total), and their anticipated annual revenue was £2.3 trillion (52%).
Small enterprises (those with 0 to 49 employees) employed 12.9 million people (48% of the total), and they generated £1.6 trillion in revenue (36%).

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