A New Range of vStack and vMware Cloud Servers

December 29, 2021 — The vStack hyper-converged platform has been integrated into the new line of Cloud servers for both Linux and Windows on the HostRooster Platform. For only 5 US dollars or 4 euros a month, you can rent a Linux server in one of the largest data facilities in Europe or the United States of America, with a minimum setup of 1 RAM, 1 CPU, and 25 GB SSD.

When compared to other options for renting cloud infrastructure, it HostRooster cloud ranks highly.

What Does HostRooster Vstack Do?

The newest Open Source software infrastructure is called vStack. Every one of them possesses a singular collection of characteristics, including the following:

  • FreeBSD: Codebase simplification, community democracy, and risky choices contribute to faster development.
  • Bhyve hypervisor: Very little overhead and a novel approach are used to manage virtual memory. It also uses a novel method of virtualizing central processing units.
  • ZFS file system: The POSIX layer, the ACID, transactional safety model, the enhanced setup model, the administration of shared volumes and file systems, the sophisticated integrity, correction, and recovery checking methods, and the two adaptive replacements cache.

The vStack platform integrates and improves upon all of these technologies:

  • A cluster setup that can replicate platform components and bring them back online if they go down.
  • Virtual networks with low overhead and high performance for cluster nodes.
  • A system for tracking the uptime and functionality of the platform’s components.
  • It’s a system for orchestration.
  • Provides a unified administration panel through which the JSON-RPC application programming interface can be accessed.
  • A graphical user interface (GUI) for managing the platform and its subsystems like VDC or end-users.

There are many advantages for vStack users.

  • Quick support: The vStack.com startup is part of the ITGLOBAL.COM family of businesses. If necessary, you can swiftly implement enhancements to the underlying platform structure with this method.
  • Effective strategies: They can cut the price of renting cloud servers in half due to the elimination of platform use commission fees.

What the Solution Entails and How It Functions

ITGLOBAL.COM LABS is the brain child of the hyper-converged virtualization platform known as vStack. The solution is an open-source, software-defined data center modular architecture. The following elements make up its architecture:

  • OS vStack and a lightweight hypervisor
  • vStack storage
  • The vStack Network
  • vStack Administration

One of vStack’s central tenets is the ability to build an enterprise-grade virtual data center with commodity server hardware and full management. This platform can be used in place of expensive enterprise storage and virtualization systems as a more cost-effective option for the market leaders.

The Benefits of the Platform:

  • Commodity hardware: Users can now select their preferred hardware component and equipment manufacturer of record. This could lead to further hardware cost savings.
  • Employee effectiveness: The need for a large team of administrators to manage things like storage, servers, virtualization, etc., is eliminated. An individual system administrator is sufficient to oversee the entire infrastructure’s management process, as all operations can be accessed through a centralized interface.
  • Simplicity in making financial plans and decreased software prices: For licensing purposes, only the resources being used are considered, and standby machines are exempt from this rule. Overrun is also possible, meaning you can temporarily use more computer power than was originally licensed.
  • Online scalability and data recovery: The software-defined architecture allows for easy and rapid deployment of new features and upgrades to existing ones. And if something does go wrong, it can be easily replaced.

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