How to Get More Backlinks

Why are backlinks considered to be so important?

Why are backlinks considered to be so important in the SEO industry, well if you would like to know, read on.  Backlinks are links that go from one page on one website to another page on a different website. You may have heard of the term hyperlink an electronic connection that allows direct access from one place in a hypertext or hypermedia document to another, either in the same document or in a different document.  If another website links to yours, this constitutes a backlink from the other website to your website. When you connect to another website, that website will automatically have a backlink from you to it. Backlinks are beneficial for three primary reasons as explained further below.

Website Rankings

Backlinks are important to search engines like Google and Yahoo because they act as votes of confidence. In general, the more votes that your website pages get, the greater the likelihood that they will rank for search queries that are relevant to them.

How do we know? Well, we have conducted some research on link-based ranking variables on multiple occasions over the last twenty years, and each time we find the same thing: a substantial correlation exists between the number of backlinks from distinct websites (referring domains) and organic search traffic.

The capacity for discovery

The way search engines discover new information is by going back to pages they already know about and looking for new links on those pages. So if you gain backlinks from popular pages, search engines may find your content more quickly. This is because popular pages are revisited by search engines more frequently than less popular pages on the internet.

Referral traffic

Backlinks are there to direct individuals to materials that can be of use to them. Because of this, you can click on them, and referral traffic is the amount of traffic that comes to your website as a result of someone else clicking on a link to your site.

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