How Rankings Are Affected by Website Speed and SEO

How Rankings Are Affected by Website Speed and SEO

Your website ranking and the number of traffic you get are based on the quality of your website. Search engines harness complex algorithms while measuring your website’s quality. Search engines will consider your website authentic and top-quality if small elements of your website are considered topnotch. When the elements of your website are great, your website will rank higher on Search engine results pages (SERP). Search engine optimization is a strategic approach to boosting the ranking of websites in search engines.

Search engines are very strategic in ranking websites because they consider variables such as the navigational speed, number of hours spent on the website by each visitor, number of backlinks, and the age of the domain name when determining the quality of your website. A plethora of webmasters, bloggers, and cyber lords spend hours putting together SEO strategies for their websites, but one aspect that they mostly overlook is the page speed.

Is page speed a very important factor?

The answer is straightforward, Yes! The speed of your page is the duration it takes for the pages of your website to load and open whenever a visitor clicks to visit your website. Page speed is a very pertinent aspect of SEO because of the following reasons:

1. Abandoning of your website: People are no longer patient, so if your website is slow, know that visitors will abandon your site. Visitors will abandon your site if they stay for many seconds without your web pages opening. This is very detrimental to your website SEO and your ranking on search engines.

2. Duration on your web page: If eventually, your web Osage opens and the visitors decide to navigate through it, and it takes a long time for the graphics, ads, or forms to load, then you’re up for a cranky thing. Your readers will certainly become impatient and won’t wait any longer. This will certainly affect your SEO and website ranking.

3. Bounce rate: Google and other search engines apply automated algorithms that detect and record the number of seconds it takes your web pages to load and the number of visitors that log out of your web page before the loading is complete. Bounce rate is very effective in SEO.

How to know the speed of your web pages

Efforts to improve your website speed may be abortive if you don’t know your website’s performance. By ascertaining your website’s speed, you will know the SEO strategies to apply to improve your website speed. There are several website testing sites that can help you out. WebpageTest is one of them, and it would point out the things to must do to boost your website’s speed. Loading duration of 3 seconds is widely regarded as the benchmark by most webmasters. If your web pages load within 3 seconds, you are on the right track. You have to put in some work if your site is still taking longer than 4 seconds to load.

Three vital strategies to boost the speed of your web pages.

#1. Make use of page speed insights

By knowing the loading speed of your web pages, you will know why your pages are loading slowly, and you’d be able to provide solutions accordingly. From these insights, you can compress the images to meet optimization specifications if the images are too large. You can also sort out issues as regards site navigation and other vital issues.

#2. Migrate to the VPS server

Shared servers may cause your website to be slow; hence, you must consider VPS hosting. By migrating to VPS hosting, your website speed will increase. All your strategies will be very efficient because they are dedicated to only your website and not shared among multiple users.

#3. Employ a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The efficiency of your website will be boosted once you use content delivery networks. Your data will be saved, your availability will increase, and the downtime will decrease. Cloudflare is an ideal CDN provider that can help you. You can add their CDN to your account by contacting HostRooster’s technical or customer support team of

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