Linux Hosting (with cPanel) is Web Hosting Plus, but it has all the resources of a dedicated server without the expense or hassle of hiring a server administrator. Aside from that, it’s the same cPanel interface as shared hosting.

What’s the difference between Linux Hosting, Web Hosting Plus, and a VPS?

  • You may get your websites up at a low price with shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting is more robust than shared hosting, but it’s also more expensive and necessitates knowledge of server administration.
  • Web Hosting Plus strikes a happy medium between the two, providing all the features of a virtual private server (VPS) and the simplicity of shared hosting.

This comparison table will help you understand the key distinctions between the various Linux hosting options:

Linux HostingWeb Hosting PlusVPS Hosting
Level of technical skillsBasicBasicAdvanced – knowledge of WHM and Linux command line needed
Suited forBasic websites, low resource applicationsE-commerce, high traffic or data-intensive sites and applicationsResource intensive web apps, full control of the server, ability to customize
Site VisitorsLow to moderateHighHigh
PlatformLAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)LAMPLAMP (Can install and use others such as NGINX, Node.js, Ruby on Rails)
Control PanelcPanelcPanelcPanel and WHM
Support24/7 Standard Support24/7 Standard SupportSelf-Managed, Managed, or Fully-Managed
Root AccessNoNoYes
Dedicated IP AddressNo13 or more
Snapshot BackupsNoNoYes

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