19,945. That’s the remaining number of website domain names left in the entire world and, fortunately, we at HostRooster anticipated this day would come. Unfortunately, we did not think it would have come so soon. Though evolving at an impressive rate, it seems our technological advancements cannot outpace our increasing demands.

In August 2021, Statista recorded over 1.88 billion websites on the internet, with that number growing daily since. Considering the English dictionary’s estimated word count is somewhere around one million, calculations indicate it won’t be long before single-word and phrase-like domains are completely exhausted. That spells trouble.

HostRooster’s reliable and sophisticated research on domains point to one, inescapable eventuality – the end of the website domain era as we know it. Quite frankly, it’s a finale we have been happy to actively accommodate, in large part, through our unmatched and in-demand hosting services.

Now, as the world faces this shocking crisis of domain name shortage, HostRooster anticipates this situation will worsen. Demands will further skyrocket, and so too will prices. If you are yet to secure your domain, we implore you to make full use of our Domain Checker, explore your options of what’s left and reserve your domain name.


Ever since entering the hosting business back in 2004, we, at HostRooster, have consistently improved our service offerings, and are now reaping the rewards in the face of this dilemma. According to most review sites, we are regarded as the number one hosting provider on the internet, even as we maintain one of the easiest registration processes worldwide. Our basic requirements aside, HostRooster stands as a reliable and knowledgeable source in the hosting space, and we are perfectly positioned to predict the future of the industry.

Having long been aware of the looming domain name shortage, our teams have been steadily working on creating hosting infrastructure that is not reliant on previous-gen technology. That is why we are excited to unveil the results of our proactive work in the coming weeks, and will be eagerly observing and awaiting the end of the “www” era of the internet. We are confident about the future because, quite frankly, we are already there.

Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: April Fools! There are more than 19,945 website domains worldwide, and that number is far from running out.

Though the article was written in the spirit of playfulness and there is no truth to its sentiments, we did mention some undisputable facts. HostRooster’s Domain Checker is still the best tool at your disposal to check what domains you can have access to, as well as the super easy steps you need to know about registering your desired domain.


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