On the Roadmap, Automattic Is Relaunching the P2 Self-Hosted Version

P2 is Relaunched by Automattic, and a Roadmap for the Self-Hosted Version

P2’s relaunch by Automattic is now in beta. This is the eagerly anticipated update to the business’ internal collaboration tool, which is also accessed via a theme on WordPress.org and other self-hosted websites. P2 has been a key component of Automattic’s textual communication products for many years; the company today has more than 1,200 workers spread across 77 nations. Slack and video conferencing are used in conjunction with it to provide a public collaboration area for talks that could otherwise be held privately through emails.

With minimal changes over the years, the earlier version of P2 served as a steady worker, but the beta adds some noticeable upgrades that make it more adaptable than before. It now has a smooth integration with the block editor and has an improved approach for inviting new team members.

P2 has a modern aesthetic that has evolved significantly from its beginnings as an extension of the Prologue microblogging theme. Since P2’s initial launch 11 years ago, many aspects of WordPress have altered, yet threaded dialogues have persisted as an effective collaboration style. One of the things that has considerably improved is mobile support. Users can receive notifications through the WordPress mobile apps, email, and the web. With the wide variety of blocks flooding the WordPress environment, each P2 has the chance to be distinctive based on the features it adds via the editor. Burke stated that in the enterprise version, Automattic intends to let administrators add plugins to their P2 instances.

Even though P2 has just entered beta, many users are already looking forward to a self-hosted version. While the team hasn’t yet decided how it will be organized, Burke indicated it will come “eventually.” GitHub does not currently have the project available.

The Happy Tools product line from Automattic that caters to remote teams sounds like a nice match for P2. After the beta period, a more feature-rich version of P2 might be released under this name.

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