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" Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark… You know what you are doing but nobody else does." --Stuart H. Britt
You are aware of this fact by now, that's probably why you are here. 
'Effective' advertising is very vital to the growth of your business and it's not just about spending huge amounts of money on different ad campaigns without getting results. 
Effective advertising has to do with the marriage between 'context' and 'content'. 
As a brand you need to have a unique and personal relationship with your existing customers and your leads/ideal customers. 
Your social media ads, email campaigns, and landing pages need GOOD COPY. 
Good copy should not be mistaken for a copy with fancy use of language and unnecessary talks. 
… It's a copy that is based on extensive product, customer, and competitor research. 
One that resonates with the ideal customer and understands their pain points 
A copy that is structured as a conversation with a friend or family member. 
One that has the desired effect on its readers…
One that can convert leads into clients and clients into long-term customers. 
Now, not everybody can create a 'Good copy'. You might have fallen victim to the many acclaimed 'copywriters' whom you spent your time and money on only to get disappointed. You ain't the first. 
A great copywriter is a good researcher, a person with the skill of persuasion, one with good knowledge of human psychology, and most importantly… An Excellent 'salesman'. 
That's where I come in! I am here to help you forget about those bad memories forever. 
WHO AM I? I am a direct response copywriter who specializes in helping health, beauty, and wellness brands establish a good relationship with their ideal customers and existing customers thereby massively increasing their sales and growing their business. 
WHAT DO I OFFER? I help health, beauty, and wellness brands with services such as:✔️*****ad copy
✔️ Email copy
✔️ Landing pages
✔️ Articles on health and wellness 
✔️ Email marketing strategy consultation
✔️ Other services that have to do with business-client relationships. 

HOW DO I ACHIEVE THIS? Through extensive research on the product/service, target audience, and close competitors. Coupled with my good persuasive skill and understanding of human psychology. 

I can't wait to help you drive engagements and 10X your sales. 
Contact me @***** Whatsapp: +2347039285363 
Your brand's growth is what keeps me up at night.



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