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Fly Free in Freelancing: Embracing Diversity, Inclusion, and Natural Hair

Introduction: Strutting the Roost with Authenticity

Hey there, fellow roosters and hens! Today, we’re shedding light on a topic that affects our fellow freelancers with natural hair, especially Black women. In a world where the workplace is still riddled with biases, we can’t help but ruffle our feathers over the fact that 2/3 of Black women feel the need to change their hair for a job interview. At HostRooster and DomainRooster, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, so let’s talk about why freelancing can be a path to embracing your authenticity and rocking those natural curls!

Crowing About Change: Trailblazers in Diversity and Inclusion

A big shoutout to trailblazers like Dionne Maxwell, Michelle Raymond, Dawn Morton-Young, and Dionne A., who have tirelessly advocated for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Thanks to their efforts, more and more people can confidently strut their stuff with their natural hair, free from the fear of being labeled “unprofessional.”

Campaigns like the CROWN Act, co-founded by Dove, aim to make race-based hair discrimination illegal. With LinkedIn joining forces with Dove, they’re providing free access to LinkedIn Learning courses and amplifying the voices of Black women, all in support of a more equitable work environment.

Freelancing: A Coop of Diversity and Authenticity

The world of freelancing offers endless opportunities to spread your wings and showcase your authentic self, including your natural hair. As a freelancer, you’re free to express your creativity and talents without the confines of traditional workplace norms. So, embrace those natural curls, box braids, and locs, and let your unique personality shine through!

HostRooster and DomainRooster: A Crowing Commitment to Inclusion

At HostRooster and DomainRooster, we believe in nurturing a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and inclusion. Our platform thrives on the talents and creativity of freelancers from all walks of life, and we’re proud to support and empower everyone who struts into our roost.

Join us in celebrating a world where #BlackHairIsProfessional and stand together in the fight for diversity and inclusion. Let’s make a change, one curl at a time!

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