20 Futuristic AI Job Titles by 2035: Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Careers?

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to permeate various industries, new and exciting job opportunities are emerging. By 2035, we can expect the job market to look vastly different, with positions that may not even exist yet. In this witty rooster blog post, we will predict 20 job titles related to AI that might be prevalent by 2035, the skills required for each job, the types of degrees one might undertake, and which ones could be done on the HostRooster freelance marketplace. We’ll also discuss jobs that may become redundant due to these new roles.

  1. AI Ethics Officer Degree: AI Ethics, Law, Philosophy, or Computer Science Skills: Understanding of AI, ethical principles, legal frameworks, communication HostRooster Freelance Potential: Consulting on AI ethics for companies Jobs Made Redundant: None
  2. AI-Assisted Healthcare Specialist Degree: Medicine, Nursing, or Healthcare Administration with AI focus Skills: Medical knowledge, AI applications in healthcare, patient care HostRooster Freelance Potential: Remote consultations, AI-assisted diagnostics Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional medical roles
  3. AI-Powered Marketing Strategist Degree: Marketing, Business Administration, or Data Science Skills: Marketing strategy, data analysis, AI algorithms HostRooster Freelance Potential: Marketing consultation and strategy development Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional marketing roles
  4. AI-Based Learning Designer Degree: Instructional Design, Education, or AI in Education Skills: Curriculum development, AI tools for learning, pedagogical strategies HostRooster Freelance Potential: Developing AI-based learning materials and courses Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional instructional designers
  5. Human-Robot Interaction Specialist Degree: Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, or Psychology Skills: Robot design, user experience, communication, empathy HostRooster Freelance Potential: Consulting on robot design and interaction Jobs Made Redundant: None
  6. Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Engineer Degree: Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, or AI Skills: Infrastructure planning, AI systems for transportation, urban planning HostRooster Freelance Potential: Consultation on infrastructure projects Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional transportation engineers
  7. AI-Driven Financial Analyst Degree: Finance, Economics, or Data Science Skills: Financial analysis, AI algorithms for finance, risk assessment HostRooster Freelance Potential: Financial consulting and AI-driven investment strategies Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional financial analysts
  8. AI-Powered Supply Chain Manager Degree: Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or AI Skills: Logistics, AI applications in supply chain, process optimization HostRooster Freelance Potential: Supply chain consultation and optimization Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional supply chain roles
  9. AI Security Specialist Degree: Cybersecurity, Computer Science, or AI Skills: AI systems, network security, ethical hacking HostRooster Freelance Potential: AI-driven security consulting and solutions Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional cybersecurity roles
  10. AI Content Curator Degree: Library Science, Information Science, or AI Skills: Information organization, AI algorithms for content discovery, metadata HostRooster Freelance Potential: Content curation and management for organizations Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional librarians and archivists
  11. AI-Generated Art Curator Degree: Art History, Curatorial Studies, or AI Skills: Art appreciation, AI-generated art, exhibition design HostRooster Freelance Potential: AI-generated art exhibitions and consultations Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional art curators
  12. AI-Based Virtual Reality Architect Degree: Architecture, Virtual Reality Design, or AI Skills: Virtual environment design, AI integration, 3D modeling HostRooster Freelance Potential: Designing AI-enhanced virtual spaces and experiences Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional architects
  1. AI-Enhanced Emotional Intelligence Coach Degree: Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, or AI Skills: Emotional intelligence, AI-powered tools for self-improvement, coaching techniques HostRooster Freelance Potential: Remote coaching sessions using AI-based tools Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional life coaches
  2. AI-Driven Talent Acquisition Specialist Degree: Human Resources, Business Administration, or AI Skills: Recruitment, AI applications in HR, candidate evaluation HostRooster Freelance Potential: Recruitment services and talent identification using AI Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional recruiters
  3. AI-Assisted Fashion Designer Degree: Fashion Design, Textile Design, or AI Skills: Fashion design, AI-powered design tools, trend analysis HostRooster Freelance Potential: Designing clothing and accessories using AI tools Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional fashion designers
  4. AI-Enabled Smart City Planner Degree: Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, or AI Skills: City planning, AI-driven infrastructure, sustainability HostRooster Freelance Potential: Consulting on AI-based urban development projects Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional urban planners
  5. AI-Powered Sports Analyst Degree: Sports Science, Data Science, or AI Skills: Sports analytics, AI algorithms for performance analysis, coaching HostRooster Freelance Potential: Providing AI-driven performance insights for athletes and teams Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional sports analysts
  6. AI Agriculture Specialist Degree: Agriculture, Environmental Science, or AI Skills: Sustainable farming, AI-powered agricultural tools, crop management HostRooster Freelance Potential: Consulting on AI-enhanced farming practices Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional agricultural roles
  7. AI-Assisted Legal Advisor Degree: Law, Legal Studies, or AI Skills: Legal knowledge, AI applications in law, research HostRooster Freelance Potential: Legal advice and research using AI-based tools Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional legal researchers
  8. AI Composer Degree: Music, Music Technology, or AI Skills: Music composition, AI-generated music algorithms, sound design HostRooster Freelance Potential: Creating AI-generated music for various projects Jobs Made Redundant: Traditional composers

Conclusion: The job landscape is set to change drastically by 2035, with AI playing a major role in shaping the careers of the future. By staying informed about these potential job titles and the skills needed, you can prepare yourself for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Many of these jobs will be suited for the HostRooster freelance marketplace, providing even more flexibility in your career path. As AI continues to advance, we must also be mindful of the jobs that may become redundant, and plan for a future where new skills and roles are in demand.

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