Will 2023 be the Year of the Side Hustle? HostRooster data shows 73% of U.S. workers plan to freelance this year.

HostRooster, a one-stop shop for hosting services, web development, and digital marketing services, has published new data on how workers feel about the uncertain economy and their plans to supplement their income during a potential recession. The data asked workers what they plan to do in order to increase their income should a recession occur. The findings of the nationwide study showed that sixty-six percent of respondents are now using or intend to start using a freelancing platform such as HostRooster in 2023.

The CEO for HostRooster made the following statement: “Rising costs of living, the desire for flexible work-life balance, and the possibility to work remotely are just a few of the reasons why Americans are opting to freelance,” Dean Jones stated. “In recent months, we have seen a rise in the number of skilled individuals signing up for HostRooster accounts. Copywriting, programming, artificial intelligence, graphic design, and translation are just some of the abilities that this expanding community of freelancers possesses, making them a useful resource for hiring managers who are wanting to enhance their existing full-time staff.”

The survey also discovered that 53% of respondents feel less confident about their income compared to a year earlier, and that 33% of respondents worry it would take more than a month for them to find a new job with the same pay if they were to be laid off. In response, 73% of individuals surveyed intend to begin or continue working as freelancers, and 66% of those individuals intend to either join or continue working on a freelance platform such as HostRooster.

In addition, the study found that raising take-home income is a priority for workers in the United States, with 29% wanting to ask for a raise and 34% preparing to draw into savings in order to accomplish this goal. Earning, saving, and investing were also highlighted as top resolutions for the year 2023. 56% of people intend to make more money in 2023, while 41% plan to invest, and 38% plan to save for a significant purchase.

Because the online marketplace provided by HostRooster was developed to be user-friendly and open to people of many levels of experience and walks of life, it has become a popular choice for companies and independent business owners who are wanting to outsource work or discover fresh talent.


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