Your 1% trajectory can make or break your freelancing career

Your 1% trajectory can make or break your freelancing career

“Your freelance career can be made or broken by your 1% trajectory. We are what we continually do, as the great philosopher Aristotle once observed. Therefore, excellence is a habit rather than an act. And it’s precisely our habits that we need to pay attention to.”

Your freelance career can be made or broken by your 1% trajectory. You can become 37 times better in a year if you work on yourself every day by improving by 1%. A 1% increase over 365 days is a significant improvement. Imagine that you are now 37 times more proficient at writing, coding, designing, sales, or any other freelance services you are providing on Hostrooster.

What rate of financial growth do you anticipate?

How much extra free time do you anticipate having as a result of doing your task more quickly?

Maybe you should ask yourself how much professional development you’ll get from becoming the company’s go-to expert. You get excited just thinking about it, don’t you? All because you increased by 1% each and every day.

We’re publishing this piece in the hopes that it would draw your attention to something that seems unimportant and unimportant but produces amazing results: your 1% trajectory.

Prioritize good behaviors
If you choose to live the daily 1% development lifestyle, you cannot eliminate habits from the equation. After all, one of its main points is that habits are important. Consider a tedious task you can complete to advance your long-term Hostrooster freelancer ambitions. Send direct messages to one to two people from your Linkedin network every day, for instance, if you want a large clientele. Inquire about their well-being and add value. You’ll only need a little under three minutes to send the message. If you went out to two people per day for an entire year, you would have engaged 730 prospects, which is something that would yield considerable results. You’ll be sure to close more deals and build up a sizable clientele if you polish your messaging.

When carefully maintained, tiny behaviors add up over time. James Clear mentions that habits are thought of as the self-improvement equivalent of compound interest in his book Atomic Habits. Consider your behaviors as investment funds that grow in value over time thanks to compound interest. As you repeat a habit, its effects and outcomes grow.

The secret is to be patient.
Face it: A 1% growth isn’t all that exciting. Since its effects take time to manifest, few people have the patience for it. The majority of individuals seek immediate gratification. Most people are discouraged from taking action if there aren’t any instant benefits. You must therefore have patience. To perform at a high level, you must swallow the bitter pill of your 1% growth. You must be prepared and continue to follow your 1% trajectory.

It functions both ways.
We have thus far discussed the advantages of following the positive 1% trajectory. It would be lovely to conclude with this, but regrettably, that isn’t how this works. If you don’t take care, your trajectory can go down. Positive behaviors will not lead to huge growth; rather, they will cause you to rot. Pay attention to the media you frequently take in. After all, the books you read and the movies you see greatly influence the way you behave. watch instructive videos on self-help.

On Hostrooster, find out about the business strategies employed by independent contractors in your area. Watch films about techniques and suggestions to advance your career. These will all result in a 1% growth for you.

Renew your effort each and every single day.


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