List of 100 online popular jobs

Hostrooster, an online services marketplace, compiles a list of 100 popular online jobs because we understand the growing demand for remote work opportunities and the benefits they offer.

Online jobs have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring remote workers. Remote work offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, access to a global talent pool, increased productivity, and more.

Hostrooster, as an online services marketplace, is dedicated to connecting people with the right skills to the right job opportunities. We strive to provide a platform where online workers can showcase their skills, find new job opportunities and grow their careers.

Our list of 100 popular online jobs is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to explore the world of remote work. It includes a wide range of jobs, from virtual assistants and online tutors to web developers and graphic designers.

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Online Tutor
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Data Entry Clerk
  5. Customer Service Representative
  6. Web Developer
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Content Writer
  9. SEO Specialist
  10. Transcriptionist
  11. Online Marketer
  12. E-commerce Manager
  13. Remote Salesperson
  14. Virtual Recruiter
  15. Remote Project Manager
  16. Remote Software Developer
  17. Online Business Analyst
  18. Virtual Accountant
  19. Remote IT Support
  20. Remote Medical Billing Specialist
  21. Virtual Bookkeeper
  22. Remote Event Planner
  23. Virtual Travel Agent
  24. Online Language Tutor
  25. Virtual Real Estate Agent
  26. Remote Legal Assistant
  27. Virtual Personal Shopper
  28. Remote Human Resources Manager
  29. Virtual Public Relations Specialist
  30. Remote Customer Success Manager
  31. Virtual Executive Assistant
  32. Remote Product Manager
  33. Virtual Supply Chain Manager
  34. Remote Financial Analyst
  35. Virtual Business Development Manager
  36. Remote Technical Support Engineer
  37. Virtual Quality Assurance Analyst
  38. Remote Technical Writer
  39. Virtual UI/UX Designer
  40. Remote Network Administrator
  41. Virtual Software Tester
  42. Remote Database Administrator
  43. Virtual Systems Administrator
  44. Remote Cloud Engineer
  45. Virtual Cybersecurity Analyst
  46. Remote Penetration Tester
  47. Virtual DevOps Engineer
  48. Remote Information Security Analyst
  49. Virtual Technical Recruiter
  50. Remote Technical Account Manager
  51. Virtual Solutions Engineer
  52. Remote Technical Consultant
  53. Virtual Technical Trainer
  54. Remote Technical Program Manager
  55. Virtual Technical Support Supervisor
  56. Remote Technical Support Lead
  57. Virtual Technical Support Analyst
  58. Remote Technical Support Specialist
  59. Virtual Technical Support Engineer
  60. Remote Technical Support Consultant
  61. Virtual Technical Support Technician
  62. Remote Technical Support Analyst II
  63. Virtual Technical Support Analyst III
  64. Remote Technical Support Analyst IV
  65. Virtual Technical Support Engineer II
  66. Remote Technical Support Engineer III
  67. Virtual Technical Support Engineer IV
  68. Remote Technical Support Technician II
  69. Virtual Technical Support Technician III
  70. Remote Technical Support Technician IV
  71. Virtual Technical Support Consultant II
  72. Remote Technical Support Consultant III
  73. Virtual Technical Support Consultant IV
  74. Remote Technical Support Supervisor II
  75. Virtual Technical Support Supervisor III
  76. Remote Technical Support Supervisor IV
  77. Virtual Technical Support Lead II
  78. Remote Technical Support Lead III
  79. Virtual Technical Support Lead IV
  80. Remote Technical Support Analyst V
  81. Virtual Technical Support Engineer V
  82. Remote Technical Support Technician V
  83. Virtual Technical Support Consultant V
  84. Remote Technical Support Supervisor V
  85. Virtual Technical Support Lead V
  86. Remote Technical Support Analyst VI
  87. Virtual Technical Support Engineer VI
  88. Remote Technical Support Technician VI
  89. Virtual Technical Support Consultant VI
  90. Remote Technical Support Supervisor VI
  91. Virtual Technical Support Lead VI
  92. Remote Technical Support Analyst VII
  93. Virtual Technical Support Engineer VII
  94. Remote Technical Support Technician VII
  95. Virtual Technical Support Consultant VII
  96. Remote Technical Support Supervisor VII
  97. Virtual Technical Support Lead VII
  98. Remote Technical Support Analyst VIII
  99. Virtual Technical Support Engineer VIII
  100. Remote Technical Support Technician VIII

There are several reasons why these jobs are popular and online:

  1. Flexibility: Many people prefer to work remotely or have a flexible schedule, and online jobs offer that opportunity.
  2. Cost-effective: Online jobs eliminate the need for a physical office space, which can save companies a significant amount of money.
  3. Access to a global talent pool: Companies can hire employees from anywhere in the world, which allows them to access a wider pool of qualified candidates.
  4. Increased productivity: Remote workers have been shown to be more productive than those working in a traditional office setting.
  5. Technology advancements: The widespread availability and use of technology such as video conferencing and collaboration tools has made it possible for many jobs to be done remotely.
  6. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of remote work, more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring remote workers and the potential cost savings.
  7. The demand for certain types of jobs, such as customer service, data entry, and web development, has increased as more businesses move online.

In summary, the popularity of online jobs is driven by a combination of factors, including the rise of remote work, the increasing use of technology, and the growing demand for certain types of jobs.


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